Gazpacho II – “El sopeao”


Receta en español aquí

The “sopeao” is a variant of gazpacho, very typical here in Sevilla (South of Spain), where people eat this as single dish on the hottest days of summer, those days above 40 ºC  (104 ºF) that neither lizards endure the sun. 

As gazpacho there is no only one recipe for sopeao, every family  has its own. But all of them are basically put in a bowl, filled with gazpacho, hard bread cut into pieces  and soak it well. 
Gazpacho (you can see the recipe here, it’s enough for 4 people)
Stale white bread, enough for 4 people
Extra virgin olive oil.
In addition:
Diced cucumber
Hard boiled eggs,  sliced
chopped lettuce
chopped onion
canned corn
Some people also add tuna in oil, chopped tomatoes, pitted olives, and even melon … It is like a salad, you can add what you prefer.

White bread

Cut with your hands the stale bread, and put the pieces into a large salad bowl filled with Gazpacho.


Use a fork to dip the bread pieces and soak well. When you think they are quite soaked, remove from the bowl and set aside  on a dish.
Let stand a few minutes, drain the  excess liquid  and proceed to add the rest of ingredients.
Toss to mix with soaked bread,  and pour a dash of extra virgin olive oil on top.
Serve cold and… enjoy!


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