Eggs Benedict

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Alex and I thought that today we probably needed to eat all our fat for the week this morning. It was worth it, but won’t happen again for a while. I perfect the art of poaching eggs, made my favorite English muffins, and tried out blender hollandaise. Alex cooked some super thick cut bacon, and all together, oh my gosh. This is a special breakfast, and didn’t even really take that long. All together it took about an hour – way more than I’d spend on breakfast on a regular day but very worth it, especially if you have guests to impress. Sorry I’m not posting recipes, I don’t want to lift off Simply Recipes and I’ve already posted about English muffins.

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for two

2 poached eggs (to make absolutely, positively perfect poached eggs, Elise at Simply Recipes wins)
a few pieces of bacon

4843529707 13ff63a9d6 zThick bacon is the best, but make sure you cook it enough that it can break apart, and it’s not too chewy.
4843529945 35c0394d50 zTo assemble, place an English muffin on your plate. Top with some slices of bacon, a perfect poached egg, and some Hollandaise. Try not too inhale it.
4843529809 c9e7c57536 zBlender hollandaise is genius. No more whisking over a water bath and the fear of breakage. Hooray!

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