Easy Healthy Recipes

Courgettes are given so easily you put a plant in the garden or in the garden and courgettes have to “give and take”, that is, to eat and to give to family and friends and even your spare. know people who do not want them in the garden because then you do not know what to do with them. matter to me worth listening to these things because it is a versatile vegetable that supports many preparations and all of them are delicious. A common mistake is to collect them committed too big. Zucchini, with size, tenderness and softness lost, becomes rough and tough and stop being a delicacy. Ideally, visit the plant every day and go cutting reaching a length of 15 or at most 20 cm. is well preserved for a few days in a dark, dry place or in the refrigerator but also I like to cook quickly and should not consume them at the time, freeze them cooked or scalded. then put the links to recipes the leading blog among its ingredients, zucchini. I hope this is easier and faster to locate a recipe that we feel like when someone regale courgettes and know very well what to do with them (other than ratatouille and cream, of course).

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