Easy fig ricotta custards (postre de higos y ricotta) and Cream of asparagus soup (sopa de esparragos)

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This time two recipes in a row  :

Easy fig ricotta custards 

Asparagus cream-soup

 I’ve put them together because sometimes I do not have so much time to do the posts.
Here day by day you never know what coming !

Easy fig ricotta custards  is absolutely delicious and you can use others fruits like strawberries, cherries or grapes …. …

recipe from : Georgeats

Asparagus cream -soup from my mom’s recipes.

Hope you enjoy both 🙂

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Easy fig ricotta custards recipe


200 grams firm ricotta
1/2 cup milk
2 eggs
2 tablespoons  maple syrup  or  corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 or 4 figs halved (or strawberries or cherries)


Preheat the oven to 180°c (360 F).
In a large bowl whisk  ricotta, milk, eggs, maple or corn syrup and vanilla until they become smooth and creamy.
Ricotta is a bit grainy but is ok . But whisk until the lumps are gone.
Divide the mixture  between four ramekins, resting on a baking tray. Drop some piece of fig or other fruits onto each little custard and pop in the oven.
Cook these custards for about 15 minutes or until they have puffed up and browned nicely. You can keep them in or turn on the grill for a bit of colour. Serve warm or cold.

print recipe here

Asparagus cream-soup


asparagus 400 grams (If you cook asparagus set aside the water of them)
or an asparagus tin
1 cup of asparagus tips (cooked) for  soup.
2 tablespoons of butter 
1 little onion chopped
1 teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoon of cornstarch 
2 cups of milk
3 cups  asparagus water or chicken broth 
3 yolks 


In a medium  sauce pan melt the butter over medium low heat. fry a little the chopped onion, stir in the flour add the milk and salt. Cook stirring constantly for two minutes. Whisk with the chicken broth or asparagus broth and increase the heat to medium. Cook stirring constantly until the mixture boil. 

Strain all the mixture through a strainer add the three yolks to the soup and mix well. Before serving add a few tips or pieces of asparagus.

print recipe here

 Sopa de esparragos

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Postre de higos y ricotta

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