Dark chocolate mousse

Dark chocolate mousse
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This is the perfect dessert for me, bursting with a wonderful  chocolate flavor, a  melt-in-your-mouth texture and silky smooth. And it can be prepared in advance easily and served in individual glasses.

Dark chocolate mousse

Dark chocolate mousse

Ingredients (6 small glasses)
250 g chocolate 70% cocoa
200 g heavy whipping cream
70 g white sugar 
3 large eggs
A pinch of salt
2 sheets of gelatin 
A little warm milk to dissolve the gelatin (like half a small glass )
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Soak sheets of gelatin in a bowl cold water for 10 minutes.
Melt the chocolate and let it cool.
Wring gently gelatin sheets to remove excess water, and then add to the warm milk, stirring until dissolved. Be careful with lumps.

In a large bowl combine egg yolks with sugar and whisk until the mixture becomes significantly lighter in color.
Then add the milk with the gelatin. Mix well and fold the egg mixture into the melted chocolate.

Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt to soft peaks, and then gently fold in the chocolate mixture.

Whisk the whipping cream too, fold in the chocolate mixture and finally pour the mousse into the small glasses.
Dark chocolate mousse
Refrigerate until set. This mousse is much better the next day.
Dark chocolate mousse

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