Crab Cakes and Dill Sauce

It's no secret I'm a terrible photographer.  Just scroll through my blog and you'll find proof.
Yesterday, I thought I would work on my skills and attempt to photograph some of my deck plants.  This was the first (and only) photo I took:
1 040
When I was looking through the viewfinder, I was thinking to myself, "Wow, it's so sunny I can hardly see."
Yep, not only am I a terrible photographer, I'm a clueless one as well.
I snapped the photo, then pulled it up onto the screen to check it and thought, whaaat……turns out my lens was all fogged because it was so humid out.  Note to self: allow the camera a little bit of time to adjust to the temperature change on a hot and humid day after it's been sitting in an air-conditioned house.
Live and learn.
5 005
 Temps were about 10 degrees higher today, but there was less humidity so I was able to get the shots of my flowers before they die.
Because they ARE going to die.
Killing plants is another one of my specialties.

5 007
You'll notice that my containers are heavy on the moss rose (portulaca), which is sun-loving yet drought-tolerant.  My kind of container plant!
5 010
I've been cutting my dahlias to take into my house.  It seems that every bloom that I cut is quickly replaced by two more.  I cut all of these and took them into my house.

6 011
 I love how perfect they look when they are wide open!
6 001
I sat down to write this blog post and my shadow, Clyde, sat down next to me and then promptly fell asleep.
He is at an age where he is never willing to sit for me to photograph him.  So I grabbed a photo while he was sleeping.  And the whir of the camera woke him up,  Oops.

4 002
I'm sure if he could speak, he'd be saying, "Huh?  Why'd ya wake me?  It's only my 13th nap today."  And if he could speak, I am sure that his voice would sound exactly like Homer Simpson's.  That's the voice that I imagine in my head when I imagine him talking.  Sort of a dopey voice, because he's a dopey dog.
NOT that I hear voices in my head.  Only Clyde's voice.  The voice that I imagine he would have if he could speak.
I'll stop now.  And give you today's recipe, inspired by the fabulous crab meat that I bought from the seafood vendor at the farmers market.  Crab Cakes and a yummy dill sauce.

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