Clams in Green Sauce


There’s no better clams than those from Galicia! Their texture and taste has nothing to do with those we find here at the Mediterranean or the French ones from the Bay of Biscay. I don’t mean that our sea doesn’t produce good clams, but these from Galicia are superb! Even though I’m an enthusiast of the Slow Food movement… these clams make me fail sometimes.

Have you ever collected live clams at the beach? I did… so many years ago… my brother and I running and splashing to find a good spot, carrying a little coloured plastic buck in one hand, the water covering our legs and using the other hand like a rake under the water through the sand to find the treasured clams. Our parents sitting at the seashore under a big parasol, and enjoying the view of the kids and the sea. At the end of the day our capture was always cooked and served on the table!

The taste of these almejas, that’s how we call them, will transport you back to those beach memories as it happened to me. You can have them raw placed over a bunch of crushed ice and with some drops of lemon on top. Or you can have them with a delicious green sauce, a reflection of Galia’s woods and evergreen fields :D.

Have them as a tapa, or prepare some fish and add them to the casserole at the last minute. Both the clams and the green sauce will improve so much your dish.

Ingredients for 4 servings: 600 grs of clams (always buy them at the fishmonger), 6 garlic cloves, 20 dl of extra virgin olive oil, a good bunch of fresh parsley and some salt.

  • Place the clams inside a pot with a bit of water (3 tablespoons), cover with a lid and cook at low heat until they open.
  • Meanwhile prepare the green sauce: Place all ingredients inside the mixer bowl and blend until you get an homogeneous sauce.
  • When clams open, pour half the sauce inside the pot and mix and cook for half a minute.
  • Place the clams in a plate and decorate with the rest of the sauce.

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