Chorizo and asparagus potato stew

Chorizo and asparagus potato stew

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Today’s entry is another Spanish recipe, one of my grandfather’s favorite. I hope you like it!

Ingredients 4 servings

800 g potatoes
A bunch of fresh asparagus (about 400 g) or canned.
Spanish chorizo cut into slices (150 g)
A pinch of cumin and thyme  
Salt to taste


6 large refried garlic 
1 tablespoon paprika
6-7 small dices of fried bread

Croutons to garnish

Peel the potatoes, wash them well and cut into irregular cubes.
Wash asparagus and  break off the tough ends. Cut into small pieces. Set aside.
If you are using wild asparagus you should boil them first so they lose some of their bitterness.

In the pot where you are going to prepare the stew put a good splash of oil and golden brown the garlic cloves.

Put the cloves of garlic in a mortar, add the fried bread and  1 tablespoon of paprika. Grind until it becomes a paste. This is what we call here in Andalusia  “majao”. Set aside.

In the same pot add the chorizo and the asparagus, stir fry for a while.
Add the potatoes, stir well and put the “majao”, a pinch of thyme and cumin and salt to taste.

Add water to cover the potatoes, and let it simmer at low heat until potatoes are at your taste.

Serve with croutons and enjoy!

Chorizo and asparagus potato stew

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