Chocolate Ginger Molasses Cookie

MG 2267
Ginger snap cookies have always been one of my favorites. Here, the combination of chocolate and ginger is a pleasant variation. They have that spicy nip of the ginger with the not overwhelming influence of the chocolate. The cookies actually come out looking more chocolatey than they really are. The consistency of the cookie is just right, not too soft and not too crunchy.
MG 2259

MG 2261

MG 2262

MG 2264

They are a great base for decorated cookies , which I so love to do. I used the opportunity to do some Valentine shapes and a few simple designs with the icing. While I enjoy the process of the decorating, I prefer to eat them plain.

MG 2268

 These are easy to make and you can cut them in  any shape to suit your purpose.
Here’s the link for the recipe.

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