Cheese Lover

Cheese is one ingredient I include in many different dishes. I always sprinkle parmesan cheese on top of many Italian specialties I cook: Lasagna,Spaghetti, Pizza, Cannelloni, Carbonara, Tagliatelle, etc. We also like cheese in sandwiches and as a starter, along with some slices of Portuguese bread, butter and olives. I confess…I´m a cheese lover:)
Portugal is a good quality cheese producer. We have a few different PDO cheese in different country´s regions. For example, in north: Serra da Estrela (Ceia, Guarda, Gouveia, Manteigas, Sabugueiro); center: Azeitão; Alentejo; Algarve; the islands Azores and Madeira.
You can check Portuguese Menu´s Typical Products archives for some pictures of good quality Portuguese cheese.
When I tasted Cheesecake for the first time, I immediately became a fan. Many cheesecake recipes I found online include ricotta cheese or provolone, two Italian cheese qualities which can be easily found here in Portuguese supermarkets.
Recently, I baked two Cheesecakes with a recipe I found on a food blog. I could not find all the ingredients mentioned in the original recipe but I tried it anyway. The first cheesecake did not taste as good as I expected so I changed the recipe, including the dough, and the in the second time it came out beautifully. I will share the Cheesecake recipe that worked out really well and some pictures of it in my next post.
See you soon 🙂

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