Can I Eat Fattening Food Or Fast Foods In Order To Lose Weight?

Can I Eat Fattening Food Or Fast Food In Order To Lose Weight?

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Everyone is wondering “why” on my Cooking Channels and Blog that I show how I lost 35 Kilos by eating my Diets soups that I called my “Magic Soup Diet” series, then cook some really fatty foods that are not geared to a healthy Lifestyle.

It is a well know “fact” that eating fatty and fast food, makes individuals have higher weight gains, so you may be wondering how eating other high calories foods can actually help and keep you on losing weight and maintaining it. Since I have lost the weight, I have allowed myself to indulge in having a “one Meal” of my choice once a week. All in all, I can have anything I want, provided that it is only one meal of choice and in only one sitting.

It is so hard to be on a diet day after day while you eat soup and low GI foods is a really limited choice of things to eat can drive you to “getting off your diet or make you give up”. So I found out for me, by eating anything I want once-a-week actually helps me to lose weight, how? by helping me control my urges of certain foods. For example, I love fried chicken, now who doesn’t  now am I expected to never eat a piece of fried chicken leg again, there is no way I can do this, being on a diet or not.   Being on a strict diet all week long is boring and no matter how much I try, I cannot control my cravings for other foods, so  I allow myself a “one meal” of anything I want once a week. That glorious day, I look forward to it and plan what I want to have, like my favourites chicken wings with all the fattening spice sauces. I have to say that it is absolutely heavenly when I get to eat what I want,  with this it controls my  cravings,  keeps it under control  and helps me get back on track.  Of course, in about a few days I will again want to eat something fattening, but I know I will again have that meal that I so crave much, I know it sounds like a yo-yo effect, but it works.   
Now it’s important to realize and understand that a diet is just that a “diet” and you have to control what you consume. By eating everything you want is just not going to do it for you, but understanding that being too strict on yourself will increase the chances of you getting off your diet   or just giving up. It is better to give in a little  than to lose all.

Myself, I choose what I want to have on my “once a meal” per week,  I always plan when I can have it, usually during Mid-day  in order to still be able to move around and help digest it, let’s say that I ate it at night, then it would grind in me as I sleep, so keep the time in mind. Also, I have it all in one sitting, I can eat all I want to remove the  food cravings from my system. Knowing and expecting, that the next fatty meal is in a few  days, actually  makes it easier  to be on my diet.  Charged with the fact that  I will be on track  eating  healthy foods  again, and this makes  me  a lot stronger.  It makes  my life easier to stay in line with my foods and will increase my will power to stay strong and true to my Diet.

food cultureAs I continued on this eating course, I found out that as time went by my cravings were less and less. For I found that my Body was actually, slowly rejecting the fatty foods, as I started to eat less and less of my once per week choices.  I can say without a second thought that I believe that when you customize  your body to eating right with only healthy food, that it actually lets you know that it does not like what you’re eating, by giving you signs of an upset feeling, or/and  a bit of an upset stomach. With this I found that I still enjoy my once a week serving of my so called “Junk Food”, but in lesser and lesser portions. As a result, of this I have divided my once a week into a twice per week on anything I want to eat for since my portions are now a lot smaller, I can have it more often, but no more than twice and not to go off this lifestyle that I have trained my Body to accept. Just the knowledge that you can have a fast food “treat” at the end of the week may be enough to motivate you to eat according to plan.

It has now been about a year since I lost my weight and I ‘am happy to say that I still am maintaining my weight and  have actually had to punch two more holes in my belt because  my belly is still contracting, and with time most of the old drooping skin will disappear.  I can say that by eating my “once-a-week” meal and a moderate exercise program has helped me stay on my diet and has worked wonders for me.

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I hope and wish all the best towards your weight loss.

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