My apologies dear readers and bloggers… the sun has finally warmed up our land and I can’t be more than 10 minutes seating in front of the computer. Spring is here! Almond trees are blooming and pollen is getting ready to fill our lungs. My mimosa tree is all yellow and its smell is so sweet; the orquidea embarrasingly starts showing the first flowers and they all cry for some personal care.
almond+treesI want to buy some new flowers and paint my terrace in bright colours… food and recipes will have to wait a bit.

This is how I spent last Saturday… a glorious day with sun, friends, wine, calçots, romesco, grilled lamb and smoke! See what a calçotada is 😀 (play the video… it’s only 10 or 15 seconds).field1The Calçot is an onion picked at the end of the summer, cut in a particular way and returned to the earth, buried at the beginning of the autumn. During the growing process, we get a new onion from the bulb and the calçot that grows down into the ground. The result is a sweet onion that won’t make you cry if you cut it raw and won’t leave a hard breath in your mouth. The time to harvest them starts in January and the best way to cook them is burning them in a fire done with the prunning branches of the vine.

Peel the calçot’s burned leaves, dip in Romesco sauce and eat… it’s a Feast!

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