Blue Cheese Mousse

Blue Cheese Mousse

Although the best way of enjoying such superior cheese is the most simple (slice it and serve it as is with a fruity chutney and a glass of straw wine) I thought I’d make something different this time, given that I just discovered Grandvewe’s Blue Sapphire and was very excited to experiment with it! This Blue Cheese Mousse recipe is quite delicate, if you’d like to have a stronger cheesy taste just add more blue cheese.

Since I’ve moved to Australia I’ve had trouble finding cheese that I like, but that’s probably because I didn’t know where to look! At Brisbane Good Food&Wine Festival I finally found dairy farmers that do their job with passion. Among the many – so many – cheeses that I tried, this was the one I liked the most because… well, because it does taste like cheese!

This is a basic French Roquefort mousse recipe, which of course worked perfectly with Blue Sapphire, as it would with any other good Blue Cheese you can find. I would definitely do it with aged Gorgonzola too!

Blue Cheese Mousse

Ingredients (to serve about 8) 
– 50 gr of Grandvewe Blue Sapphire Cheese
– 100 ml of thick cream
– 2 egg whites
– 1 tbsp cream cheese (optional)
– 60 gr walnuts, finely chopped

The recipe is quite straight forward, the kind of thing that anyone can do but would still impress your guests. As most simple things, it takes more time to explain than to do!

Blue Cheese Mousse

1. Melt your blue cheese. You can use the microwave (about a minute) or you can use the bain marie method, which I prefer. Once it’s melted, let it cool down. While the cheese is cooling down…

whip the cream

2. …whip the cream…

chop the walnuts

3. … and chop the walnuts, then put them aside

Incorporate blue cheese and whipped cream

4. Now that the melted blue cheese is cold, incorporate it with the whipped cream and place the mixture in the fridge for a few minutes. If you like, you can add 1 or 2 tablespoons of cream cheese.

whisk egg whites

5. Whisk your egg-whites until firm and shiny

pour cheese mixture onto egg whites

6. Now take the cheese mixture out of the fridge and gently pour it onto the egg-whites. Fold it in gently using a wooden spoon until your mousse is creamy and smooth.

adding walnuts and serving

7. The Blue cheese mousse is ready! Now put a small handful of chopped walnuts in a clear cup or small glass, put about 2 full tablespoons of mousse on top, then sprinkle some more walnuts on the very top. Place back in the fridge until you serve it.

Remember to serve this in small portions.
To make it absolutely perfect, add a slice of pear to go with it.
The recipe itself is very versatile, but if you add blue cheese and make it more flavoured, remember to reduce the size of the portions.

Match it with 
Blue cheese’s best friend is straw wine, or alternatively an aged red.
If you like cheesy stuff, try the savoury “baci di dama” and the delicious goat cheese balls

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