Black olive penguins

Black olive penguins

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I have seen so many versions of these little penguins that I can not remember, but  I wanted to make them since the first time, although I always left them for another day …
Today finally  I’ve prepared them as an appetizer,  it’s worth just to see the faces of your guests when you bring these penguins to the table, especially if there are children …
They are fun and  easy to make, so you can help children to make the penguins and spend some fun time together in the kitchen.
Black olive penguins

Pitted black olives, drained (2 for each penguin you want to do)
Cream cheese
Sliced ​​pickled carrots (if you don’t find them, you can boíl one carrot)
Green chilli for scarf or roasted red pepper.
Toothpicks for assembly

Cut some olives in half and fill with cream cheese to make the bodies.
From each slice of carrot cut a triangle for the beak and used as feet the rest.
We put the peak into the olive that will be the head,  prick with the toothpick, then prick the chilli as a scarf, then the body, legs and ready!.

Black olive penguins

Black olive penguin


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