Best Double Decker Clubhouse Sandwich


Best Double Decker Clubhouse Sandwich

Now what could be better than a American Classic Double Clubhouse Sandwich. The crisp lettuce, toast combined with the crispy bacon and all comes together in an awesome taste. I just love this sandwich because it is so easy and fast to make, just add fries and wow a meal fit for a King.

If you are worried about the fat in the mayo and the bacon, a little once and awhile will not keep you off your diet, trust me. Please see   Can I Eat Fattening Food Or Fast Food In Order To Lose Weight?

hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed showing you it.



Bread for toast North American type.

– Crispy bacon.
– Mayonnaise (fat free or Reg.)
– Iceberg lettuce
– Lg. tomato

Salt and pepper to taste.



Here I was using what I call a North American toasting bread. This bread is more square than the normal bread and is easier to work with. Now you really can use any type, but I kept it as close to the original  Clubhouse as possible. 


I like turkey on my Club but you can really use any type of cold-cuts you like. Try it with chicken it is just   as  good.  I  added  only  two   slices,  so you
can add as much as you want with different combination. 
Add lots of bacon if you want, now  if you are counting calories  just use  turkey bacon and/or a  low calorie Mayo. Anyway you have it, it will turn out awesome.  
In the traditional way you are suppose to cut them up into fours poked with  frilled toothpicks and have the triangles pointed up side by side on the plate with fries on the side. As for me this is the way I like it, right down the middle and that makes me happy. 


Best Double Decker Clubhouse Sandwich

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