Baked Tilapia – Budget Recipe


Baked  Tilapia –  Budget  Recipe

I hope you enjoy this baked tilapia  recipe.  Try it with other types of fish and it will be just as awesome. This fish  recipe is low in calories and just perfect  with a low side.  The side I made here in the picture is cuscus ,  I added just a  pinch of low salt  veggie stock to the water just to give it a nice flavor.
I know your Family and Friends will just love it.
Please let me know how your dish turned out and what side did you use. 


1 to 1/2 Lbs. – Frozen tilapia  Frozen or fresh. 
3/4 Cups – Bread crumbs 
2 Tbsp. – Cooking oil
1 Tsp. – Oregano
1 Tsp. – Basil
Salt and pepper to taste. 
– Any other type of fish  
– Any other herbs
– Lemon juice topping 


Frozen fish is the most economical budget minded fish that you can buy, because it can be stored for a long time and fresh fish has to be sold right away that’s why it is at a low cost. Not that does not mean that you can not make this recipe with any other type of fish, go ahead be brave and just see what you can do to please your Family or friends.  

I like adding the seasoning to the fish in this way for it makes a lot less mess and you can easily wash the bag or toss it. Go ahead and shake and shake it will make you around if you add some music.. After all any exorcise is good.


Here at this stage I added a bit off cooking oil, but you can spray it with those oil spray cans or  just  rub butter to the dish, this is necessary to prevent the fish from sticking. 


If you want you can squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice before that baking process or/and when it is baked.


Baked  Tilapia –  Budget  Recipe

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