Baked Sunday Mornings- Banana Foster Fritters

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I am not a fan of frying. I AM (unfortunately) a fan of  eating the fried foods. But for the sake of eating, I will overcome my aversion to the actual “means” to “justify the end”! However, I pick and choose my frying missions very carefully. For instance , you will never find me frying chicken or french fries at home. Just too much mess and work. Rather eat it out!
Now doughnuts are another story altogether.They are sooooo much better homemade, and you get them hot and fresh out of the pan. Nothing like it, believe me!
I was doubtful of this weeks task for “Baked Sunday Mornings”. I’ve never  had banana fritters (or any other kind of fritters for that matter) and  the idea of filling my house up with frying smell was not at the top of my list. As it happens, my husband came home one day last week with a very large bunch of bananas- I swear they had just been cut off the tree. A gift from a friend who lives on a moshav not far from us. Okay, now you can see from the picture that they were no where near ripened- I had to find a way to ripen them quickly in time to write this post. I found all kinds of advice, from paper bags with an apple inside, to putting them in the freezer. I didn’t want to freeze them, so I tried the apple deal, without the paper bag ( didn’t have one).
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Fast forward… it is now Sunday morning here in Israel, so I still have time until this afternoon to post. I just finished making the rum dipping sauce… OMG! That in itself is enough. It absolutely goes on the list for things to have in the fridge for pancakes, over ice cream, mixed in with plain yogurt…. spread on toast???!! Whatever, it’s just GOOD!
Now I will attempt to find the ripest 3 bananas in the group and see if I can mash them enough to make the batter. BRB….
Found two ripe bananas, mashed them up  and mixed them with the dry ingredients. The batter was a bit dry with only the two bananas , so I searched my cupboards for ideas and found a snack size container of no sugar added applesauce. Perfect! Did the trick. I scooped the fritters with a 2 tsp. cookie scoop and got 20 little fritters from the recipe.
Done! Not as bad as I anticipated. At all! As a matter of fact, the whole process was quite easy. I think you could make everything ahead of time, refrigerate the batter and just toss them in the oil when you are ready to serve. Only takes a few minutes and its a wonderful change for a dessert.

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As I said, the dipping sauce is delicious and the fritters came out yummy in my opinion. I think it’s a treat that both kids and adults alike would enjoy!

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