Arroz al Horno (Rice cooked in the Oven)

This is my family´s most favourd rice recipe. We love a good paella on Sunday, but nothing beats a big warming pan of Arroz al Horno during the week. Best cooked in a clay pot, but you can use an oven proof glass dish.

I usually cook this dish when I have more than 6 guests for lunch. Only one dish and a good  salad feeds them all and very little hassle in the kitchen is needed. You can see from the pictures I have posted in the recipe, that we cooked this dish in a friend´s  house for 12 people in only one pot, so first try this recipe for 2 or 4 people and learn as you go.


The ingredients for 4 people:
Black Pudding (1 sausage  per person)
Panceta in chuncks (2  per person)
Pork rib in chuncks (2 per person)
Cooked Chick peas (250 grms)
Rice (La Fallera Brand) (1 and half glasses – 125 ml)
Chicken stock (or Puchero Stock) (3 glasses – 125 ml)
Slices of Tomatoes (1 tomato)
Slices of Potato ( 1large potato)
Head of Garlic
Olive Oil

The pot should be as big as large dinner plate and about 4 inches deep.

First, season the meat  and fry in a pan with some oil toghether with the head of garlic . When golden add the black pudding and fry lightly.

Place the rice in bottom of the pan and add the fried meat on top as another layer with all the juices from the frying process . Next add the sliced tomatoes, sliced potatoes and the chickpeas as another layer. Add saffron.

Boil the stock and add it to the rest of the ingredients  when you place the clay pot into the oven. Cook for 45 minutes at 250º. When cooked leave it  to rest for at least 15 minutes before you eat it.

The trick of this recipe:
The most important measurement for this recipe is that you use double the amount  of stock to rice. For example, 1 cup of rice equals 2 cups of stock, etc… but when you are cooking a  large amount, you have to reduce 1 cup. This mean that if you are using 4 cups of rice, then add 7 cups of stock. The reason is that when you have more ingredients and stock, it takes longer to start boiling, so if you use the double rule, the rice will be a bit soggy, so just reduce the amount of stock.

This is the least known rice recipe outside Valencia. It is really easy to prepare once you know the procedure. Have fun making it, your friends will love it!

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